Clash for Dawn

Clash for Dawn 1.1.1

Pits the forces of light against the legions of evil.

Fantasy fans will rejoice with Clash for Dawn, an involving role playing for game android that pits the forces of light against the legions of evil. Taking place in a mythical land, the story centres on the plight of a faction of heroes who’ve made their base at the City of Light, the last remaining enclave of hope in a world overrun with dark forces. As an army of undead marches upon the city stronghold, a few chosen warriors of the Angeli must stand firm and hold back the countless monsters making their way toward them.

From gaming developer Ledo, this role playing adventure offers excellent value for money. Fans will love the beautiful graphics, expertly rendered whilst exploring the expansive world of Clash for Dawn, or whilst combating the enemy in battle mode.

There’s foes and villains of al HP points to be found to test your skills, whether you’re playing solo or buddied up with friends from across the globe in co-op dungeon mode. It’s easy to connect with countless players from across the planet, finding the strongest allies and experienced players to ally yourself with.

For fans after engrossing stories, Clash for Dawn doesn’t disappoint. Solo players can enjoy an epic tale of good and evil in single player campaign mode, putting their hard-earned bonuses and in-game expertise to good use. For committed players, there’s plenty to keep them occupied and coming back for more.

With daily events in-game, there’s also something new to return to, with constant updates to weapons, armour and magic spells. If you’re a competitive sort, there’s daily and weekly contests to pit you against the strongest players you’ll find online.

Start practising now, then put your moves to the test if you’re to walk away with all the glory. Earn mega rewards daily, and develop your character into a hero of legend, with progressive development and power-ups.

You can download this role playing epic easily to your smartphone or tablet device for superior playback and better sound and audio. Ideal for idling away delays on public transport, and the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Clash for Dawn


Clash for Dawn 1.1.1

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